Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Decorations. AUSTRALIAN style...

So, any guessing where I am again?!  
Yes, back again in Melbourne with dear Mr NT and my daughter is here too.  Perfect. So it's a warm Christmas for us this year. Today the mercury hit 39.2 degrees C.  Phew. A little too warm for my liking but I believe it will be down again to the 20's for 'the' actual day.  I know I have said it before, but Christmas here is a much more relaxed and colourful affair. Well, I guess it does fall right in the middle of the Australian Summer and everyone is in party mode. Or so it seems....
Take a look at these lovely Christmas decorations I have snapped over the last few days... 

Bright twinkly silver wreath
Colourful table decorations at a special Christmas breakfast I attended last week at the Head office at work

Christmas tree in a local homewares shop

Rather like this table... all colours and lots of baubles

Again, that lovely 'tablescape'

What do you go for on the decoration front?  All white or a riot of colour, a la Aussie style?
Both are good.. 
Like Christmas in each country; both have their unique style and I love being in either UK or in Australia - so long as you are with loved ones it doesn't matter where you are really.

Wishing you all a fabulous and happy Christmas.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Twinkle, twinkle. Sparkle, arkle....

Tour d'Eiffel by Poppy
I love this photograph of the Eiffel tower taken by my daughter recently.. Now that really is some BIG and gorgeous twinkle, twinkle wouldn't you say?

And the next 2 photographs show a bit of twinkle at the cottage now that the nights are drawing in :

I love a few white lights around the mirror and to top it all off I have been burning this new gorgeous candle - heavenly....

Recent purchase in Paris - DELISH

Last but not least look at these for a bit of 'sparkle, arkle' for the holiday season.. my new twinkly loafers from Russell & Bromley... These will add serious glam factor to all manner of outfits I think....

The photograph doesn't really show just how much they catch the light and shine though.. Sometimes  they look silvery and then a sort of gold - very versatile indeed so therefore will pass the cost per wear criteria on many levels for sure! 

Bought anything recently for the sparkling season ahead?