Thursday, 18 April 2013

Clearing Clutter and Sorting Stuff

So sorry I have been absent recently - not a post done since Easter time...  Naughty.
I have had an excuse though as I've been doing the above - Clearing Clutter and Sorting Stuff....  
At the moment this seems to make up the main part of each day.  The cottage here in UK has to be cleared and what is left is going into storage (which = $$$ so the more I clear the less it will cost!)  Some belongings are coming back to Australia with me which makes me happy...  And, I'm even more happy because my daughter is coming back to Australia too.  (Visas willing!)   
My 'sabbatical' here has nearly come to an end (well, beginning of July actually) and the light at the end of the tunnel can be glimpsed for my daughter with the end of her University days in sight.

So true

I was reading a really good article a few years ago about "downsizing" / clearing clutter and I was so impressed with the piece I kept it (yes, more clutter!).  However,  I've  been referring to it rather a lot recently and so much of it makes perfect sense.  I thought I would share some of the points that the author Jo Foley made just in case you are thinking of undertaking anything similar :

  • If you decide to downsize / sort your "stuff and clutter" DON'T leave it too late - it needs stamina and do it at least 5 years before you think you need to.
  • Allow plenty of time - getting rid of your stuff is a time consuming business.
  • DON'T expect to profit from downsizing. People, shops and dealers are not desperate to take or buy your stuff.  People are more and more picky these days.
  • Don't fool yourself - it's very unlikely you are harbouring a treasure. Anywhere.
  • Start off gently and train yourself to get rid of something every day. Then a bag a week and ultimately a bag a day.
  • You may even have to pay people to take things you don't want. Don't worry if they make money from it - it's out of your house and away from your life.
  • Look on websites where you can give away things for free - like the special section of
  • Don't be sentimental about clothes and baubles but do be about your children's school reports, photos, your first doll,  your Dad's medals etc. and keep these in ONE treasure chest.
  • Ask others for help and advice.
  • Throw your home open to nieces, nephews, godchildren etc and invite them to take what they want to set up their homes.

Anyone got any other good tips?
Happy Clearing.....
Why do I have so much of it?