Wednesday 3 July 2013

Gorgeous gardens, happy days, hectic days.....

Yes,  I know ..... many apologies - no posts makes for one unhappy blog.  

Here are a few photographs taken over the last few months - the first four are from wonderful Chelsea Flower Show. Seems an age away now but it was a fabulous day not least because I bumped into the wonderful Janet from The Gardener's Cottage blog, the fabulous Faux Fuchsia and also met dear Romy there too from Diary of a Hobart Housewife blog.... And in that same evening met up with them all AND Alyson from TNMA blog for dinner... what a wonderful day...

The next few photographs are from my time staying in Orford in Suffolk... First is of my friend J's wonderful home on the coast and the next two of her lovely garden. Had such a great time with her...

And last but not least.. this is the reason I have been in UK over the last 11 months.. My daughter Poppy on the day she collected her well deserved degree from Durham University.. She worked hard and got a 2:1 - I am one proud Mama.. The graduation ceremony was held in Durham Cathedral (behind in this photo). It was a wonderful day and fabulous occasion. Mr NT was over from Australia and Poppy's Dad and his wife were there too - and I am pleased to say we all got on well and the 5 of us went out for dinner in the evening.. Yes, happy days....

I expect my next post will be from Australia .. We are returning next week and I have to admit to being very stressed and probably overdosing on 'Bach's Rescue Remedy'  - lots to do - the removals men are coming tomorrow and we have tenants for the cottage here so fingers crossed all will work out! 

Sorry if I don't get round to visiting blogs as much as I would like over the next few weeks and also I wondered,  - should I start up my Semi Expat in Oz blog again when I return...?  Any thoughts?  

Take care all and for those in USA - a very Happy 4th July to you!

Sunday 16 June 2013

Have you tried this?

I am so impressed by this new CC cream (what happened to BB creams too by the way?).  Anyway no matter what it is called, it certainly is a wonderful new tinted moisturiser/ corrector / sunscreen all in one wonder lotion.  And no, this is not a product endorsed post (but if Clinique would like to send me a tube or two, thank you very much indeedy - the colour I am using is 'Light/Medium").  Just thought I would share the love with you... Funnily enough I was away last weekend staying with a dear friend in Suffolk and another guest also there had just bought it too and was raving about it as well.  Honestly do try it.

It can be used as a primer under foundation or as I have been using recently, just on its own.  Don't know how it works but it kind of blurs wrinkles, covers pores, evens out your complexion and gives a sort of lovely glow to your face.  I am completely hooked....

NEW Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector
Clinique's CC cream - my new go-to favourite

Friday 31 May 2013

Visiting Paris in the Spring

Recently I went on a 24 hour jaunt to Paris.  That's the beauty of living here in UK and I'm making the most of it before my return in July to Australia.
Paris was wonderful, as ever.  Janelle McCulloch (who has the gorgeous blog "Library of Design") was there too showing a group of ladies around some French gardens and she kindly offered to show me round and about the area I was staying (6th Arrondisement).  This was an area I had never discovered before in great detail having always opted for the Marais region .... ha ha - when I say always, I mean the three times that I went at the end of last year.  Anyone would think I whizz over on Eurostar monthly. I wish!

So here are some snaps :

Just because... how could I not take some photos of this iconic sight?

Gorgeous stairway in Le Dokhan's champagne bar

Can't beat a French bistro for dinner

A corner of my very bijou room for the night

Other rooms had their own balconies - lucky!

Oooops! wonder how that got in my suitcase...?

Rather nice though isn't it... ? Good job Mr NT does not often read my blog...

Wonder when the next time will be... ?  Don't think I could ever tire of being in Paris.  It's my dream to "live" there one day for at least a month - take an apartment and really immerse myself in the city, walk every day and discover new areas... Perfection.
Do you have a dream city you'd like to live in, even for a short while?  

Monday 27 May 2013

Help ! - my style went "Slightly Off Kilter"

Usually I know exactly what suits me and can discard much of what I see for sale with a razor sharp eye.
My style is fairly classic but casual too - there are few prints in my wardrobe but quite a bit of tailoring and layering... And above all fairly plain.  However, in the past two weeks I have not had my eye on the proverbial 'style ball' at all it seems and I've lost sight of what I know (or knew) to be my style.... And I went "SOK".....

I purchased these two items : 

Exhibit A :

And Exhibit B :

Now, whilst both on paper (or in the photographs) may look good they really are not "quite me"...  Camouflage pants perhaps may suit some but I felt a bit "pseudo army girl" in them or that I was off to a fancy dress party... 
And the leather boots - far too complicated not my usual style and too much going on.  Fringing, buckles etc.  Absolutely NO!  How could I have got it so wrong twice in quick succession?  

Anyway, I have replaced the above two items with these :

Far better - plain khaki green no fancy patterns

AND these

Here's another angle of the boots :

Neutral and plain - my normal mantra

Phew..... that's more like it!  

Do you ever take your eye off your normal style radar and go completely off piste so to speak? Hope I'm not the only one - at least my mistakes have been remedied fairly fast though and I feel like I'm back in control again.
P.S. - so sorry I have had to put word verification on my posts - I was getting inundated with spam comments - any ideas for an alternative? 

Tuesday 21 May 2013

In the spirit of Chelsea Flower Show

Here are a few photographs of my own little garden in the English countryside.  Very small but I love it and even mowed the lawn this evening in honour of the great Chelsea Flower Show.  I haven't been for about 15 years but this year I have a ticket and cannot wait.

Roses just coming up after their winter prune each side of the back door

Love the green of this Japanese maple

Violas in the hanging basket

Again one of the roses - healthy growth but I hope flowers will be good

Love how aquielegas self seed everywhere
Newly mown lawn....

Looking through the back wooden door

The wisteria is very late this year

Bluebells to the right of the front door

Planted this rosemary last week - it's doing well
Hoping to pick up lots of ideas and more inspiration at the greatest flower show in the world this week.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

A few more photographs from New York

A quick post showing a few of the many photographs we took in New York. What an amazing city - it has certainly changed since my last visit but that was around 20 odd years ago.
Meanwhile, since my return life's been a bit of a whirlwind. Rushed up to the north of England to see my daughter before her exams and then back home via an evening in London. There I had the pleasure of a wonderful meeting with not only one but two of my favourite bloggers together.  Susan (Deja Pseu) of 'Une Femme d'un certain age' AND Alyson from 'That's Not My Age'.   I know, how completely lucky was I ?  Both fantastic, interesting and gorgeous women. 
And if life couldn't get any better I am off for a day and a night tomorrow to Paris!  Will let you know all about that later on.
Above - Mr NT on The High Line - showing some scarf action
Me in my (NBP) - new best park. Bryant Park
9/11 beautiful tribute park.

Favourite building. The Chrysler.
This was too good for words. A million calories a slice
Gardens at the Frick.
And lastly my NBP. Again. 

Dear New York. I want to return already. 

Wednesday 8 May 2013

A post from NEW YORK

Yes, I am here in the Big Apple.

Can't quite believe it and having such a fabulous time enjoying all the familiar landmarks, shopping (a little) and eating (a lot). Mr Neutral Territory and I are having a rendezvous to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary on Thursday but 'wifi' In our hotel is rather slow and a bit hit and miss so I'll post more with plenty of photos when I return. I promise.