Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday Fashion Feature

So far on my new blog I have done posts on the home, elevating a pot plant to something a little more special and food in the way of a farm shop find so I really think it's about time I did a post on one of my real favourites - clothing and style....

Not that I'm any great fashion expert I hasten to add but I do know what I like and that's an easy relaxed style with a smattering of classic items mixed with High Street finds and more expensive pieces thrown in too for good measure.  Looks like these....
This I would say is one of my favourite looks from Pinterest and I have just bought a pair of shoes very similar to the ones in the  above pic.
Again, relaxed and casual with those  'boyfriend' jeans
Elevating jeans  to smarter wear - not sure I'd wear the hat, but love the whole look
 Have all the components for above outfit but I would give the gold hardware a miss
What can I say? Chic and yes, think I could re-create this one with pieces from my wardrobe.  I 'd  do flat shoes though.
All the images above are a selection taken from my board - 'Inspiring Style - Clothes'  from Pinterest.

Oh how I love Pinterest - way too addictive though. Do you 'do' Pinterest?
And have you worked out your style and are you, as the French say, one of those who are 'bien dans sa peau' ? (happy in your skin, literally!)....  What do you like?

Happy weekend to one and all.


  1. Oh, I'm with you. Love all of these!! I'm on the hunt for a jacket like the one in that last picture....

    1. It's a great jacket, agree with you Deja...x

  2. great pics, i copied your plant pot idea but with scarlet cyclamens, they look lush

    1. Glad you copied the plant pot idea... Have to say mine are growing like crazy... maybe I will have to re-pot them to a larger terracotta container. x

  3. Love these looks although I would not wear ripped jeans.
    I think the heels looks good but like you I prefer flats.

    I had a Pinterest account and gave it up as it gobbled hours out of my days!
    There was such a rich and vast assortment of temptations that I could not pry myself away, so it was "cold turkey" for me and I deleted my boards and account.

  4. Have to admit I do have one pair of jeans with 'rips' in them (which I 'manufactured'!) but prefer my straight leg non ripped jeans rolled up when I am out and about...
    Oh no, it doesn't sound good for me on the Pinterest front then! Am getting hooked! x

  5. I've seen those lace-ups a lot lately - Vicki from French Essence did a post on them recently. They're clearly the height (or flat) of shoe fashion!

    I must say, I don't think I could wear them. But I love the look. It would look great on you!


    1. Hi Janelle, oh yes... popped on over to Vicki's blog... Well, if the girls in Paris are wearing then then I am in good company I guess!
      Thank you for your kind comments... Hope all well with you. x

  6. Hi Ms Sarah! Love what you’ve ‘pinned’ together here. May I say, you ALWAYS look so smart and well put together when I see you. I think you are most certainly a ‘fashion expert’ – tres chic!!!

    My figure would not allow for the skinny or boyfriend jeans that seem to always be in fashion. It’s flats all the way for me! (BTW, great new shoes.)

    Perhaps when I reach my goal weight, I’ll feel a little more ‘bien dans sa peau'. Until then, that battle continues!!!

    I would love to get into Pinterest but, like Hostess, I fear I’d become consumed. I do look at what people are posting to fill in some time during the night feeds with Baby A.

    I better stick to blogging before I branch out! xxx

  7. Ms Maple thank you so much for your lovely comments and you definitely will get to your goal - you are doing so well... Oooh I am now wary of Pinning but I am hooked I can't stop.... maybe I am doomed :-)

  8. I live in jeans and flat shoes & like all your fashion picks. I do 'do' Pinterest, when I have the time (sometimes it feels like just another thing to add to the long list).


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