Thursday, 29 November 2012

Preparing a cosy guest room

As you probably noticed from the post before,  I have had a lovely couple of weeks with a friend from America staying here with me for the past 2 weeks.  Our friendship began over 30 years ago and although we have always kept in touch we have not spent more than a long weekend with each other over the last 3 decades. That long weekend was when Mr NT and I went to Los Angeles 3 years ago for Thanksgiving (I wrote about this visit in my previous blog - Semi Expat in Oz).

Anyway, I digress.  This post is about how to (or how I) prepare for guests.

First and foremost - the bedroom.....  If you are lucky enough to have a designated guest room then that is wonderful (however, I would recommend trying out a night in the room though just to make sure all is comfy and as you would like it to be).  Our cottage is teeny weeny - I gave my friend my bedroom to use for her duration with me and for the 2 weeks I moved to my daughter's bedroom (she, is as you know, is away at University).

You need to give some thought as to what would suit your guest, male or female, old school or modern.  The bed is the obvious place to begin and you can make it comfortable with layers, (I use white linen and cotton sheets and a duvet) and a blanket at the end of the bed that can be pulled up in case of of falling temperatures. Key things in a guest bedroom I always think are plenty of pillows and a bedside lamp and of course a waste bin.  Reading material (magazines to suit the guest) and some books too are good... Little treats as well always go down well - a small box of chocolates or biscuits to ward off midnight munchies and a tiny vase of flowers always looks pretty.

Flowers for my guest

Goes without saying that plenty of towels are a necessity.  I like large white fluffy white ones and provide 2 -  a large bath towel a smaller one for hair and also a face flannel - also if you are sharing the bathroom with your guest giving them their own bath mat is a nice touch.

I  also like to set up a little basket of 'bits and bobs' in case they have forgotten any bathroom necessity or in the case of my friend from USA so that she did not have to take up valuable (shopping!) space in her suitcase.  In the basket I placed :

  • Face wipes
  • Moisturiser
  • Tissues
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Bath gel
  • Cotton wool
  • Ear buds
  • Tweezers
  • Small tube toothpaste
  • Body lotion
  • Nail file
  • Little scissors
  • Headache tablets
Oh and I put out a spare hairdryer for her use too.

So, this is how I like to prepare a cosy room for guests staying with me....   I am sure you all have lots of little tips and tricks to share too.   Do tell all!


  1. When may I show up to be cossetted this magnificently?

    1. Any time Mise..... you'd be more than welcome! x

  2. Oh, I'd love to be one of your guests! This sound lovelier than the Four Seasons in Paris. (Not that I've ever been, but the Sex and the City episodes were good PR...)

    Your cottage sounds beautiful. And Wiltshire is heaven on earth.

    Just saw your note that you're coming back to Australia for summer - yay! We must catch up!


  3. PS I used to go to SO much trouble for my guests... I'd buy new magazines, leave a gift on the bed (a book they might like), a silver tray with water and chocolates, a bathrobe... But then, when I'd go to their places, I'd get the junk room as a bedroom (once it was in the basement!) with either a lilo or a terrible bed, no sheets (usually had to go and ask for some), no towels...nothing. Once I had to do my teeth in the laundry sink and my make-up in the motorbike mirror. Hilarious. Don't go to so much trouble for guests anymore... Besides, it's about the friendship. But you've given me faith that there are hospitable hostesses out there! xx

    1. Would love to have you as one of my guests Janelle - can't believe that you were once given a junk room with a lilo to sleep in when you visited friends! Awful... !! Yes would love to meet up if we can... If not back in UK mid Jan.. S x

  4. Sarah...I think you have it covered...I would stay in your house anytime. I also have a special shelf for sheets and towels etc... It makes it easier to 'convert' a room for guests. A friend did the same for me and I always love staying with her. I have been on the lookout for a beautiful water jug and matching glass....for the silver tray by the bedside. :)

    Best wishes for a lovely weekend... xx

    1. Yay Jeanne! Lovely to hear from you and I need to catch up on your travels too. Agree I think I beautiful water jug and a matching glass would be beautiful.

  5. PS..I missed that part where you moved back to England, I have been away far too long!

  6. I am just in the process of setting up a room for tv viewing and occasional guests, so I will take your tips on board - after I've decorated and perked it up a bit. Lovely to spend time with an old friend.

  7. I think I'll be coming to visit next! Just lovely!

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  9. oh sarah you are soooo sweet to create such loveliness for your guests. everything sounds perfect and i don't think i'd come out of that room!

  10. that is better than some hotels I've stayed in........are you taking bookings????

  11. You are the most wonderful hostess, no tips to add as you've covered them ALL!!

  12. Souns sumptuous and intimately cosy. Obviously your guest are dear and most welcome guests :-)

  13. When I'm a guest, the bedside lamp is the thing I appreciate most... after clean sheets and towels, of course. (And you're probably thinking: who wouldn't change the sheets for a guest... well, I promise, it happens!)

  14. And everyone if you want to drop in and stay just let me know.. thanks for your lovely comments! X


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