Friday, 1 February 2013

Pics from the Antiques Fair

This way to the Fair
 Sorry, a little late as ever...

The Antiques Fair was wonderful - it was so lovely to be up in the big smoke for an afternoon even though it really was bitingly cold.  Oh, and a damn London pigeon pooped on my new Marilyn Moore coat.
Apart from that it was joy all the way and fantastic to see my boys from FONTAINE.  I stayed with them for around 4 hours and it was just like old times (when I used to work for them when they had an antique shop in East Sussex).  Sold lots too!

Not so much of a recession where their gorgeous things are concerned.
Here are a few photographs from the the day...

Chelsea Bridge

View of Battersea Power Station

A happy weekend to everyone - enjoy, whatever you are up to.


  1. Love an antique fare!
    It been far too long since I have attended one and I think London must have amazing antiques.
    Did you buy anything?

  2. I was tempted Hostess I have to admit but no, I didn't... Rather liked a set of glass "rinceurs" - 6 altogether with gorgeous faceted sides - apparently for use on the table with a little warm water in each so as diners can clean their fingers after eating seafood or something sticky.... They were lovely. x

  3. how gorgeous, I love those heads!!!

  4. Massive fan of those plates in the third picture!

    Looks like so much fun!

    K xx

  5. love the plates!! similar to what i've been loving at coco lane! x

  6. I could've come to it if you needed someone! Nice pics on the wall xxxx

  7. I understand being pooped on is lucky, so hopefully great things will come your way.
    I enjoyed the mix of indoor antiques and outdoor chilly London.

  8. Thanks for sharing the photos, it looks fab! Hope you bought a lotto ticket the same day :-)

    Leeann x


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