Friday, 31 May 2013

Visiting Paris in the Spring

Recently I went on a 24 hour jaunt to Paris.  That's the beauty of living here in UK and I'm making the most of it before my return in July to Australia.
Paris was wonderful, as ever.  Janelle McCulloch (who has the gorgeous blog "Library of Design") was there too showing a group of ladies around some French gardens and she kindly offered to show me round and about the area I was staying (6th Arrondisement).  This was an area I had never discovered before in great detail having always opted for the Marais region .... ha ha - when I say always, I mean the three times that I went at the end of last year.  Anyone would think I whizz over on Eurostar monthly. I wish!

So here are some snaps :

Just because... how could I not take some photos of this iconic sight?

Gorgeous stairway in Le Dokhan's champagne bar

Can't beat a French bistro for dinner

A corner of my very bijou room for the night

Other rooms had their own balconies - lucky!

Oooops! wonder how that got in my suitcase...?

Rather nice though isn't it... ? Good job Mr NT does not often read my blog...

Wonder when the next time will be... ?  Don't think I could ever tire of being in Paris.  It's my dream to "live" there one day for at least a month - take an apartment and really immerse myself in the city, walk every day and discover new areas... Perfection.
Do you have a dream city you'd like to live in, even for a short while?  


  1. New Orleans, I just love that city and would love to spend at least a month there taking tuba lessons and learning how to cook etouffe!

  2. Oh, Paris will always be my "happy place." I never tire of it. Great snaps, and wonderful brooch!

  3. Oh Sarah, I'm currently living my dream in the village of Uzes....however have to get back on the plane to return to everyday life in Hobart at the start of August and I can't tell you how desperately upset this makes me feel! I love Paris too yet from recent experience I must say it's not quite so much fun when you are outnumbered by children.....less decadent shopping and champagne and more playgrounds and Orangina! Rx

  4. It looks gorgeous. Ooh and your new brooch is too!
    How fortunate that you can pop over so easily. I think I'd be popping over on a regular basis. I'd love to see how you wear that new Chanel piece.

  5. Paris would be on my list for certain. I'd also enjoy Florence. It is magical when not overrun with tourists! Lovely brooch! It's so funny how those treasures sneak into our bags:-)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. I agree, a beautiful city, we took the teen there a few years ago and didn't want to leave, husband is reading "Paris" by Edward Rutherfurd so hopefully it will motivate him to take us back. Loving the photos, Denise x

  7. Wouldn't that be lovely- a month in such a beautiful city. Even better if you could "borrow" someone's apartment and save all that money.

    I'm not going to Paris, sadly, but will be going to Boston for a week. My son lives there, and while we always visit for a long weekend, this time we will be using his apartment while he is away. He lives in the North End, the quintessential Italian neighborhood. Looking forward to walks through the narrow streets, coffee and pastry at local shops and a trip to the Museum of Art. And it wouldn't be complete without a stroll down Newberry to pop into the boutiques.

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments ! Sarah x


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