Monday, 18 March 2013

Back again in UK

Well, I have been back for less than a week and the contrast in weather has been amazing...

When I flew from Melbourne the mercury topped at 38 degrees - too hot for me really...  Far too hot.
However, I did not bank on this when I returned to Wiltshire....  Do you know it actually snowed yesterday morning..?  It's meant to be Spring here.
Look :

Snow.. in March, who would have thought it?

Have to say the snow did not hang around long and just look at these gorgeous flowers I have seen out and about on my jogs/walks....

Beautiful aren't they...?  The first two pics are hellebores (Lenten or Winter roses I think they are also known as) and the last one some gorgeous snowdrops.

Daughter returns from university in a couple of days - can't wait to see her again although as this is her last year (my goodness it's all nearly over!) she will be hard at work during the Easter holidays and I will be on hand to wield the whip   gently encourage and keep her going with nutritious food etc. !

Oh, and talking of nutritious food this GORGEOUS man is back on TV tonight telling us all about how to make a good loaf of bread - looking forward to taking notes and staring into his beautiful blue eyes...

Mr Salt and Pepper tasty dish - Paul Hollywood

How is Spring shaping up where you are?  Or, if in 'my other hemisphere' any Autumn foraging going on?


  1. Ever so slightly autumnish here. As in now 30 degrees C and not 40!

    Beautiful flowers.

    Every time I have been to England it has rained almost non-stop. Winter or summer! My dream is to go in sunshine. I am beginning to think it may be an impossible dream!!!

    1. Ha ha - well yes, the sun does come out occasionally but not all that often I'm afraid. Gosh 40 degrees - well, don't think I could cope with that! x

  2. I had a Winter Rose in Sydney but a pesky insect kept eating the leaves, I grow organically as best I can but sometimes I long for a large insecticide spray! The smattering of snow looks lovely I have to confess I am jealous. All the best.

  3. Damn those pesky insects Denise! Thanks for commenting....Will pop on over to your blog to say hello. S x

  4. How is it Easter already?? Time is going much too fast! X

    1. Agree.... time marches by so fast. Hope all well with you. X

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