Friday, 22 March 2013

Khaki Leopard Babies

I have been getting rid of things recently rather than buying more which has fitted in quite well with the concept of Frugal February.
Sorting out and chucking clothing and possessions etc. in order to make the mammoth task of packing a little easier.   However, when these gorgeous shoes flitted by my radar I could NOT resist.  I fell for them hook, line and sinker.  Guilty as charged.

They tick so many boxes :

  • Leopardy pattern
  • Khaki colourway
  • Reasonable heel height
  • Comfortable with a slightly cushioned insole ;-)
  • Good value for money

I absolutely LOVE them....  (Oh, and if you are interested they are from ZARA and currently still on their website)

Happy weekend whatever you may be doing.  Myself and the "khaki 'pards" are off to a party together.
Very exciting.


  1. I am a sucker for shoes and these are definitely keepers.
    Love everything about them and can imagine wearing them with mostly everything!
    Good for you to indulge!

  2. Cute shoes! You'll be able to wear those with many different looks.

  3. Love the shoes - I think the khaki makes the print more subtle. Gorgeous.

  4. Nice shoooess! Can I buy them in Asda? xx

    1. No Sophs - NOT sold there sorry! x

  5. Theu are gorgeous and I have yet to start spring cleaning my wardrobe. I will save this task for when it is not hot and sunny :-)

    trés bon week-end à toi, Leeann x


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